DCP Mastering

Do You Need A Digital Cinema Package aka DCP?

Downtown Independent Can Help You!!!!

We'll take your film's master file in almost any format and convert it to a DCP for a very reasonable fee.

Shorts Fee: $150+media cost($30-100)

Feature Fee: $500+media cost($50-100)

No extra charge for 4K, 3D or less than 5 copies.

Turnaround Time:

Shorts: 2-3 hours SAME DAY!!!!

Feature Turnaround Time: 2K=12hours, 4K=36hours, possibly less.

All DCP's include a QC run-through on our 4K DCI projection system, schedule


Deliverables: The best way to deliver your film for DCP conversion is via Apple ProRes file. You can deliver on a USB3 hard drive in MAC or Windows format. Please deliver the sound embedded in the ProRes file as 5.1 or 7.1, stereo is acceptable but will not work for AMPAS qualifying. 

email contact: info-AT-downtownindependent.com (obviously, switch -AT- with @)

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